Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in holyterrors,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Today's joy

So my soulsister and her boyfriend decided that they were going to have some undisturbed quality time together today.

Marx and Votania disappeared into their room and locked the door. I hadn't been keeping too close an eye on them, but figured when I heard the door shut like that, that they weren't coming out any time soon. Little Fayoumis was playing cars, so I hadn't much to do.

Little Fayoumis played for a few minutes with his bucket of cars, then made the proverbial beeline for the door, and was frustrated to find it locked. "Why is it not opening?!?!?!" He knocked. He hung out by the door and waited. He knocked some more. He rattled the knob. All of this looking fairly angry.

I advised him that if the door was locked, it probably wasn't going to have this situation come undone at any near point, and he should probably go and sit on the couch and wait or something. Many long minutes later, he does. I ask him whether he should get mad about a locked door, or wait. "Wait about it," he sighed, and asked for a snack.

The door opens, some many minutes later, and votania and marxdarx emerge. I mention that perhaps they should have told Little Fayoumis that the door was going to be locked before disappearing in there.

Evidently, they had. They had made sure that he had his whole bucket of toy cars, and that he knew that they were going to be spending quality time together with the door locked, and that he was supposed to be playing without disturbing them, and definitely without trying to open the door.

Kaboom. Guess who is the one who got in trouble? Guess whose entire toy box is parked in my room, for the remainder of today and all of tomorrow?
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