loud fayoumis

Crime and Punishment

Guess who finger-painted on the wall with poo?

...First offense, so he got off with a summary "You are grounded from everything for the rest of today!" (it was two hours before bedtime), and the promise that if he ever tried that again, there would be more in store.

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Fun all around.

Somebody was grouchy today. May have been lack of sleep, lack of Mommy, or something like that -- but Little Fayoumis and M. were yelling at each other today, and LF wound up being sent to bed early.

<sarcasm>Wow, I love days like these... </sarcasm>
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Elise's Vagina

“Would you like to try Ralph Lauren’s Glamorous?” she says.


“It has a sweet, musky fragrance,” she continues.

“Vagina!” Elise says, pointing between the lady’s legs.

“No, honey, that’s perfume,” I say, trying not to discourage her from using the word.

--constantine, here
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I was one of *those* kids.

My parents were big on vocabulary. At one point, they explained that something-or-other was a bad idea (I think it was playing with poop) because it was unsanitary.

This became one of my new favorite words.

Shortly thereafter, I was taken over to my parents' friends' house, and got to meet my parents' friend Terry.

"Unsanitary!" I crowed, or tried to. My parents knew what I was saying. Thankfully, Terry didn't.
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Little Friends

Little Fayoumis has little friends.

He just spent five minutes lecturing the little girl through the closed glass door, trying to tell her to go home. She wasn't listening.

Little monsters.
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You'd think, that when he's at school, he'd have plenty of time to do his schoolwork, no?

No. Little booger sits and plays at school, and doesn't stay on-task...
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Yowling, yowling, more yowling.

These days it seems like anything will set off the Little Fayoumis. He doesn't get his way? He yowls. He gets reprimanded? He yowls. He gets hurt? He yowls in that way that makes mothers jump towards the sound lest there be blood, broken bones, or something else like that.

When he's actually heartbroken about something, he cries quietly.

But right now, he's into crying over stuff just to make noise.